Welcome! I just wanted to take a moment to introduce myself and explain why this is here.

Who is Mark?

I have been doing engineering management, product management, and software development for a very long time and by most accounts have been quite successful at it. It’s easy to take for granted the (even hard-earned) lessons and wisdom gained through experiences, but from time to time - particularly when advising and mentoring employees, or helping a team overcome a roadblock - I’m thanked and reminded the guidance I provide is often invaluable to people who haven’t been there or done that, or don’t have as broad a perspective.

These reminders have prompted me to carve out a bit of time to share my thoughts and experiences.

However, I’m not one to post on social media often, and blogging for its own sake has never crossed my mind. You see, I tend to be quiet and unassuming. I’m not the guy that craves the spotlight (quite the opposite), nor somebody who clamors to be seen as the one with the answer. When I do speak, people listen and take heed because I’m careful to ensure it’s helpful and thought out. I believe in a servant-leader model, and my guidance to a team is more often in the form of Socratic questioning than in directives.

So blogging isn’t quite my thing, but I have a handful of thoughts worth reading.

Why am I telling you all of this?

(What to expect from this blog)

What’s with the weird behavioral bio? Well, all of that is to lay the foundation for this:

1. You won’t find posts on a regular or frequent schedule here.

I think that leads to contrived content that doesn’t need to exist. This blog isn’t about building an audience, or increasing touch points for a brand, or any other ulterior motives.

I’ll only post a handful things I think are useful, and that you may not find readily or frequently elsewhere.

2. I sincerely hope the opinions and experiences I share help you

I may use click-bait’y or hyperbolic titles but I’m not trying to build a readership, get you to subscribe to my twitter, or buy a book or product. You’ll find no calls to action at the end of my posts.

I simply hope to help.

What’s next?

As of now, the main purpose of this blog is to share my thoughts on hiring (focused on software engineers, QA, systems, and a variety of product people), but it may expand.

In particular I’d like to tell you about:

1. How coding interviews are being misused and how to more effectively use them

2. What a highly effective interview process for engineers looks like

3. The biggest non-obvious hiring mistakes, how to avoid them, and what to do once they’re made

Look for posts on these topics soon.

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